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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  November 25, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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travelers are assessing the trip. holiday mission accomplished. millions head home after thanksgiving. how weary travelers are assessing the trip. giving way to point and click. what you need to know about the safest way to shop online. he's not someone that should lead our flock. >> and the bay area church congregation is not happy with the new pastor. why parishioners say he's unfit to preach. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it's the final day of the busiest travel holiday of the year. more than 49 americans are making the thanksgiving trek
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home. they forced more people to drive this year. and this is dinner time near the dublin interchange. headlights as far as the i could see along 580 and 680. no matter if you took a car or train, then relatively it has been smooth sailing. we're at sfo with a look at how things are looking there. >> reporter: yes, evidence of what's going on around here. telling us that this may be the busiest travel day since before 9 eleven. not only that, but they have 65,000 people in and out. same with all tree bay area airports. earlier in the day, they tied up flights for half an hour here at sfo. >> at first it felt really good. you know, pretty empty. leading on time. >> despite 130,000 passing on through, it could have been much worse. >> so we all went our separate
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ways. and my brother went back home to them. >> and no, i think that people, they were just in a good mood that they had wonderful holidays. and everyone was kind and helpful. >> yes. exactly. >> but what is not to love about paradise? >> the challenge was all in their own family. >> if they were a little bit ansy at the end, but you know, they are 11 months and 3. >> reporter: what do you do if they get ansy? >> a lot of walking. >> exactly. >> so you walk to chicago? >> exactly. >> flying cross country tires a person out. >> i'm leaving, but it is sad to leave, but happy to go back home for sure. >> a very long day. it's not over yet. all these trees are trying to show you a higher per session. we'll show you how far it will go. so far everything is going nice. >> live at sfo. thank you.
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>> well, a near tragedy in southern california tonight. a pilot from his passenger, they are recovered after making an emergency landing. they said it was headed for the airport when they lost power. and that plane equipped the fence. the pilot and the passenger, they crawled out of the wreckage, listed in fair condition. the cause is under investigation. three people from the bay area are among four killed in the crash. they all collided head on along highway 50 last night. a man, woman, child, all from san francisco, died in the prius. well, congested this weekend by the holiday shoppers. they were heading for the mall or the main street businesses.
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that's $3 million more than last year with an explosion of shoppers using the mobile devices to find the best deals, nearly double that of last year. >> that adds up to about $59 billion in spending this year compared to $52 billion last year. >> of course, even more shopping tomorrow on cyber monday, expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year for the third year in a row. they are expected to point and click their way to $1.5 billion in spending tomorrow. up from a quarter billion last year. in 2010, cyber monday, they surpassed that $1 billion mark for the first time. it noticed a big spike of the online sale watch out for bogus websites that they offer to steal your personal information. a survey finds that more than ever, they will offer cyber
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monday deals, aiming for the $72 million that will do some holiday shopping from the office this year. when shopping online, confirm a website is secure before entering any information. look for an s after http in the url. same with the -- paying with a credit card will offer more protection than debit. make sure that the charges are the only ones you have made. keep record of the order confirmations and the receipt with a designated inbox. now, speaking of apps, they officially adopted the cyber monday view in 2005 and seven years later, it might be time for a name change with a boom in mobile and consumers, shopping from the smart phones and the tablets. a reminder for those that shop on the go. don't use the public wifi. only secure the devices here so it will be protected, even if the phone is out of your hand. adding another incentive for cyber monday shopping, they say about 4 out of 10 retailers
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will offer free shipping with no conditions attached. we have more tips on how to get the most out of cyber monday. visit our website, a gas scare in san francisco sent 14 people to the hospital. it appears to have been related to the carbon monoxide leak. it's not been found, but evidence was found in the affected people's bloodstreams. no word on the severity of their injuries. well, a busy end, bloody weekend for them. and both, they were shot to death in east oakland early this morning. which brings to just four, the number of murders this weekend. and a total of 115 people were killed this year. and the latest killings said that they feel like a prisoner in her own home. >> i'm afraid. i like, well, i just started working out again and i like to go to walks, but i don't like
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to walk in the neighborhood. and so, you know, it is scary. >> police have little information and no suspects in the double homicide. also two other killings on saturday. one is an 18-year-old woman, the other a 19-year-old man. >> and a second shooting on the same block this weekend. they fired a dozen rounds into the house of the 300 block early saturday. no one was injured, just last saturday a man was shot to death in the same block on that street, as he sat in his car. two men took the woman's purse and shot the 42-year-old woman to death. no arrests have been made and they don't know if the two shootings are connected. developing news. a garment factory fire has killed more than 100 workers. many were tracked by the lack of the emergency exits.
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some of the dead jumped from the upper floors to escape the flames. they supply clothing for the major retail change from the west including wal-mart. tonight, the official death toll stands at 112, but local media printed at 124. and that explosion in western massachusetts, that damaged more than 40 buildings is being blamed for a utility worker. they said that the man punctured a natural gas line while searching for a leak. the buildings were evacuated before something ignited that gas. the huge explosion was caught on cameras as you saw, but no one killed. several firefighters and police officers were injured. a stunning increase in violence, has left a teenager dead. protests have broken out to take more power. as for the growing divide among the egyptians. >> protesters, they clashed with police, fighting with the rocks and the tear gas and the
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canisters. earlier they chanted that he is illegitimate. demonstrators are continuing the sit in at the square, angered over the president's recent expansion of powers. this man said that it is worse than the regime of the leader. they joined the rally, rejecting what they call a corrupt decoration, releasing the statement, trying to reassure the people that it is only temporary. >> he's trying to secure the stability for this country. >> reporter: and they also rallied on their behalf. opposing the influential judge's club, which called for a nationwide strike. lawmakers in the united states, they say while they appreciate his help, taking in the recent cease fire, his actions, they raise concern. >> to assume this kind of
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power, it is unacceptable to the united states of america. we don't obviously want to see the democratic elected democrat take the place of the undemocratically elected dictator, which is the case before that. that could set the stage for more violence. >> they are having a devastating impact on children. a united nations report says children will feel the attacks, even with the cease fire. 37 of those killed were children. checking bay area headlines. san jose leaders will move tomorrow to hear what qualities the public wants in their next police chief.
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they would fire blanks, but could use the birdshots. they have had 180 including some that caused major damages to the planes. a challenge of the defense of marriage act, that might be one of several they consider this week. the justices, they will decide whether or not to hear an appeal from the defenders of proposition 8, the initiative banning gay marriage. they are expected to meet this week to decide which cases they will hear next year. a new pastor was sent packing. cbs 5 reported on whether or not the congregation wanted nothing to do with their newly
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hired leader. the new pastor, john hunter. the reverend hunter was ill today according to the leaders, so a fill-in took his place and most people are are glad. he was recently appointed by the bishop that flopped to the former leader. and hunter came from l.a. a quick google search revealed that he might come with the baggage. if you made some mistakes, fine. you know, you made the mistakes, but some people, they wanted it resolved before they took over the leadership of our church. >> reporter: they report that hunter used the credit card for
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more than $100,000 in personal expenses, that he owed them more than $300,000 in back taxes. >> i don't think that with his is the past history that he should be preaching at all. you needed papers to take over the church. >> reporter: they are also a reporter for the san francisco post. >> it is kind of like a brief altercation, like a squirmish, i don't know if it was shoving or anything. >> reporter: but the issue is now under consideration. he has been back since once. >> now, will it be awkward around here? >> most definitely, but we're hoping it will not happen. >> in san francisco, cbs 5.
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well lining up for sweet memory. i need my twin cays. i come together for my twin cays. >> what happens when a florida hostess store is going out of business fails. moving up the ranks. some lawmakers are sacrificing for a new title. and it's not over until the skinny guy sings. the rolling stones at a new milestone in london. it's been a great travel day. it's our long holiday weekend, that will now come to a close. but we have big changes, rain and a lot of it. your very wet seven-day forecast is coming right up. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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weekend. like driving for holiday get togethers, or getting to the mall to shop. but in florida, people linep for another bargain. this is outside getting to the mall to shop, but in florida, people, they lined up for another bargain. this is outside the discounted bakery in orlando. and inside the twinkies and all things hostess at reduced prices. but don't look for the stuff on ebay. >> the personal consumption. >> you're going to get it to stand in plain -- to stand in line and do this. >> it is not just bad news for the fans. but they are figuring out their next step. and the bankruptcy means the closure of description centers. and they lost 18,000 jobs. >> you think about a big step up and that it would mean a big step up, but it is not necessarily true. on how some public servants will take a pay cut just to serve.
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along with the elimination of the benefits and the car leases. >> i know it is not the most lucrative job in the world, but i thank them for their continued support and what they are doing. >> how generous. >> i know. >> reporter: as the chronical insider points out, the governor will take a $4,4 -- a $4,044 cut. >> i think that they will just need to earn their living and i think that it is pretty good if they get a pay cut. maybe you could see if they do their job right and see where they come out. >> a 5% cut is just minimal.
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the move from san francisco to the state assembly means about $83,000 a year less in wages. >> most people in this, although i'm sure that they would grumble are not doing it for the bay, but they are doing it because of a variety of the factors, including the pursuit of power, the ambition. and higher places. of course, public service that they would like to give back to their community. >> don don, cbs 5. well, enjoy the nice weather while you can and that the change is coming for the workweek. elizabeth? >> yes, a very pleasant weather. otherwise tonight we'll see a few clouds roll in. inland temperatures, they will stay in the 40s. the low to upper 40s along the coast and the bay.
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tomorrow highs in the 60s for some of the inland spots with plenty of sunshine. they might be a couple of degrees cooler than what you saw today. but it will be staying dry for you. if you have any travel plans tomorrow, it looks like the high pressure is staying effect. so let's time it out with the future cast. tuesday will be the transitional day when a few clouds will start to roll in. in the overnight area, tuesday into wednesday morning, just in time for the wednesday morning commute. and you can see it ahead all across the bay area. then we've got more rain showers just blind it. making it a pretty wet stretch as we have several good days of the moderate to heavy rain. otherwise your pinpoint forecast, overnight lows with a lot of 40s around the bay area. it looks like the low 50s overnight in san francisco. for tomorrow once again, a lot
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of 60s. staying warm, 84 degrees. otherwise, cool, but dry in denver, chicago, and new york city. we're hitting the roads, plenty of sunshine. coming in at the high of about 5 degrees. checking your forecast here at home. they will be interesting. so monday and tuesday, we're staying dry. temperatures for the most part in the 60s. and the coast bay and inland, but then check out wednesday. the low pressure system will be heading our way, more showers will be sticking around on thursday. the second storm system will be coming our way on friday and lasting well into next weekend. and it looks like the north bay, it will be hit the hardest and we could see some areas of localized flooding.
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getting ready for the very wet end of november. that's a check, back to you. >> thank you. well, jumping jacks, they will still be jumping. and we'll show you the stones on stage tonight. and yes, the movies as big of a draw on the bargain. how much box office raked in is coming up next.
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record box office numbers ts thanksgiving weekend. "twil, breaking dawn 2"... "skyfal. and "lincoln" were the one-two-three punch that ead a total of about 290-million dollars for the holiday weed that began wednesday. they were the one-two-three punch that earned a total of $290 million for the holiday weekend that began on wednesday. breaking dawn part ii earned $64 million followed by skyfall with $51 million and lincoln was $34 million. many others rounded out the top five. they have been called the greatest rock 'n' roll band in
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the world. tonight they kicked off their 50th anniversary tour in london to show you the concert, the first of five shows for the veteran rocker, whose average age is 68. you don't see them in this one. but they join the band on stage. the u.s. shows are in brooklyn and newark, new jersey. >> have you seen them? >> i have. have you? >> yes, about five times. they are an amazing band. it was not much of a party. but the defense will be outshining the quarterback from the 49ers coming up next. ,,,,
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eans. now for the worst kept secret of the year. they started at quarterback for the 49ers today in new orleans. the first quarter, they will fake the hand off to take it for themselves and the defender, they are in and it is 7-0, san francisco. second quarter now, after they fumbled upon drew brees. and the 10-yard strike and they lead 14-7. now right before half time, they are intercepted here by brooks who will be going 50 yards for the touchdown to tie the game at 14 on the huge momentum swing for san francisco and they will be going into the break. opening drive for the second half. on the rollout. and he's got frank gore on the 6-yard touchdown to give the had theres a 21-14 lead. they would win. their lead in the nfc west is now two and a half games. carson palmer returning to cincinnati as they took on the
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bengals. carson palmer is hurt. loses the football and they recover. it will be over as they win ho- 10. looking at a draft pick for next year. game day coming up tonight. >> all right, we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches.
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